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Tell us the story of the first time you went hiking and thought you saw a bear.

Show us jawdropping landscape photos from your vacation.

Write a haiku about plants.

Describe the sunset in excruciating detail, paint a picture of a coral reef, review a travel book, teach us something new, doodle a comic from the perspective of a giraffe, or make up a funny story about bees.


There’s a reason we call it FreeRein.

Submission Guidelines

We are currently OPEN for submissions.

Creators of all backgrounds, demographics, and experience levels are welcome here.

Style Guide

We encourage you to embrace your creative style and are looking for fiction, nonfiction, art, poetry, photojournalism, and experimental formats. We’re especially interested in hand-written work. Genre writers, you can come hang out with us, too! As long as it’s nature-centric, we will consider it.

That said, we are not interested in excessive self-promotion, business advice, heavy-handed politics, excessive violence, or anything hateful. We also do not accept stories about hunting or mythological creatures. At this time, we don’t have the capacity to accept videos of any kind.

There is no minimum word count, but max out at 5,000 words or 10 unique images per submission.

Please include a short third person bio with your submission. Should your work be accepted, you’ll be added to our list of contributors, so be sure to include your site and social info.

We’ll do our best to retain your artistic intent, but please be aware that formatting poetry and art can be tricky.


We are a token paying market and work on a sliding scale ranging from $5USD to $25USD depending on the type of work submitted.

We know it’s not a lot. That’s why we encourage you to include your publication on FreeRein Ink in your portfolio and provide links to your website and social media account(s) for your bio.

We’re also putting together an anthology of work that best represents FreeRein Ink.


By submitting to FreeRein Ink, you attest that all content is original and you have full rights to the work. Simultaneous and multiple submissions welcome, but we do not accept pieces that have been previously published elsewhere. FreeRein Ink requests non-exclusive rights to archive the work as long as long as the site exists. All copyright is retained by the author.

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