FreeRein Ink is a place for enjoying nature – however it moves you.

Nature is our main character.

There are no limits on interpretation.

FreeRein Ink showcases short stories, creative nonfiction, essays, articles, art, poetry, photos, and mixed-media tributes that attempt to capture the literal awesomeness of natural phenomena.



We are starting from nothing, but we have big dreams.

Editor in Chief: Sarah Czarnecki

Sarah is an author and copywriter from Wisconsin. Her work focuses on outdoor travel, wildlife, and environmental conservation. She has published short fiction, magazine articles, nonprofit blogs, travel guides, and a technical guidebook.


Artist: Natalie Krastev

Natalie Krastev is a wife, mother, and artist living in the suburbs of Chicago where she battles existential dread and impostor syndrome. A life-long animal lover, she finds inspiration for her art in sharing the magic she sees in nature.

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